Seek the right way from God

Because no one has the power to control the events that happen, only God.

Another year recedes to welcome another. The stepping into another year is habitually a celebrated event, an episode marked by fresh hopes, visions, passions, goals…

Yet, no one is sure what the year will bring. It could bring the best or the worst. Only God knows.

So, now, so long as you have breath, you’ll have to keep on moving forward until you fulfil your God-given purpose for which you are here. You are not going to stop because giants are blocking your way.

Beloved, I want you to remember the children of Israel in their captivity in Babylon. When the time of the end of their captivity and the beginning of their exodus to go and rebuild the house of the Lord came, nothing could stand on their way.

King Cyrus had issued a decree that they go and rebuild the house. But Ezra had fears of being attacked by enemies on their way. King Cyrus could have provided defensive soldiers. However, Ezra considered it disgraceful to depend on man’s protection when he had vehemently proclaimed that God was on their side.

We read:

“Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions. For I was ashamed to request of the king an escort of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy on the road, because we had spoken to the king, saying, “The hand of our God is upon all those for good who seek Him, but His power and His wrath are against all those who forsake Him.” So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer.”

Ezra 8:21-23

Three things are crucial as we prepare to greet the new year.

First: Acknowledge God in all your ways. Acknowledging God is knowing Him as your creator and admitting that you depend on His ability, not yours or that of people. Knowing God is different from knowing about Him. It’s a personal relationship with Him.

The scripture below underscores the significance of acknowledging God.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Being more confident in our strength and that of others over God’s power–what He thinks and says concerning us, will distract us from fulfilling our God-given purpose. 

Second: Humble yourself before the Lord. Humility is a doorway to knowledge and wisdom. Humble people are receptive to hearing and learning from others and God.

Third: Seek God through praying and fasting. Seeking God is a fervent desire to understand His will concerning our lives.

We cannot overemphasize the power of praying and fasting. Prayer is a means of communicating with God. It involves a mutual fellowship between the Father and the son. The son asks while the Father provides. 

Let’s pray.

Dear Lord, the only certain thing concerning the coming year and beyond is uncertainty. No one has the power to control the events that happen, only you God. All that is in our charge is praying and fasting in faith.

By faith, we choose to humble ourselves in your presence in prayer and supplication. We fervently seek your direction concerning us, our children, our possessions–all dimensions of our lives. We admit our total dependence on your ability, not ours.

By faith, we are ushering in the new year in victory. Being confident in your promises and power–what you think, say and do concerning us.

By faith, we adopt your declaration in Jeremiah 33:3: ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

By faith, we’re going to accomplish the purpose for which we’re here because your hand is upon all those who seek you. To provide enough and more than enough!

By faith, we have more hope for the new year and beyond. Amen!

Friends, I wish you the best of the coming year. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

God bless you abundantly.

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